Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So, it begins

My name is Tim and I’m a cook. Well that’s a lie. I’m technically not a cook. Right now I’m unemployed for making a few minor mistake as a cook. And in a case of wrong place, (super) wrong time I made them when the owner of the restaurant was getting on the chef’s case about labor costs. And I was a casualty of that, most likely due to the fact that the chef couldn’t take the extra time to train me. Ok, so maybe I missed something that was kind of major. It wasn't fully my fault, but my failure to miss it also played a factor. But since I'm writing this blog, this is the last it will be mentioned....ha

So yeah, I’m unemployed, but I still think of myself as a cook for 2 reasons. 1) I’m going to school for culinary arts so in theory I should be getting a new job as a cook soon any way. And 2), most of my more “endearing” personality quirks are thanks to my time in restaurant work. Some other cooks have them, some don't. But belive me I'm not too different from any cook I've met

-I tend to be quite cynical at times
-I antagonize people and/or play devils advocate
-I have a major distrust/annoyance at people who seem overtly perky (I.E. like any server whos may or may not be sucking up to you to get a good tip)
-The habit of randomly grabbing small bits of edible food
- And counting it as "stuff I ate today" when my mom ask
- The fact that after a week or so, I can train my body to stay up late, sleep 5-6 hrs, wake up and go through my day like nothing is wrong
- The first pants and shirt I can find are totally viable options of what to wear out
- The idea of "going to the bar" is a totally viable option of an after work activity
- I love bartenders (which stems more from my stint as a busser than from cooking)
- my potty mouth (sorry mom)
- the fact I can cut or burn myself and not let it phase me
- the usage of a certain
- In the food industry, telling some one to "F**k Off" normally means "Why of course I'll make mashed potatoes for you even though the dishtank is overflowing with dishes! And I love you too!"
- I'm used to vacation's being 1 or 2 days off and nobody noticing I was gone

Yeah, most people think people in the food industry are crazy. But there are many things that "normal" people can relate to and appreciate. In the right setting, you form a dysfunctional family type of bond with your fellow cooks/dishwashers/select members of front of the house who you like. You see theses people just as much if not more than your family, so its expected. Also it builds self confidence and self esteem. Theres a small line between being cocky and being self confident. Many kitchen types straddle that line. But its needed. You have no time to question yourself (which I admit, I tend to do ALOT). So its needed.

But to get back on track, my name is Tim. Most people call me Timmy. I have one or two other nicknames which I'll get into later. I like to think of myself as a cook and hope to come to at least garner more of the positives aspects of it. This is my crappy blog. While most my attempts at multiple blogging has failed, I hope this one will succeed. I’m going to try to document whats going on with out having it relegate in to “I did this, then I did this, then I did this” and try to relate my feelings, thoughts, well-thought out ramblings, and things I find interesting.

When I originally came up with the grand scheme to make this blog, I wanted to focus more on my life as a culinary student and hopefully soon to be cook. But now, I’m just going to focus on life in general. Cause eventually life will be affected by culinary school and my hopeful soon to be job. And like one of my former co-workers at my former place of employment pointed out, eventually it will get to the point where the main people you hang out with are cooks anyway. So thats life.

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