Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Breaking and Making addictions

So lately I've been trying to break my self proclaimed "addiction" to pop (or soda). Partially because I can't be affording to spend extra money on it. And partially because if I'm not going to excercise worth a damn, I might as well lower my calorie intake. I say try because I still have pop when I'm at school. I mean, damn, I'm in a class that stimulates a cafe/deli. So that means access to a fountain pop machine, which means free pop for me. Oh well, a guy can try.

On the flip side, since moving in with Zigs, its seems I've been getting more addicted to Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and GTA 4. Lets face it folks, I'm a video game nerd (and a comic geek). So when I have access to new video games, I like to play them alot. Zigs keeps getting on my case about getting better at GH and RB. But nothing beats driving around Liberty City and causing chaos. The downside is that the cops AI have gotten slightly better. At least now they shoot you instead of just trying to ram you off the road. Unfortunately they're also not dumb enough to follow you off ramps to their death. Oh well.


In more productive news. The job hunt is bleh. I'm majorly stressing. I just want an F'n job. I mean I hate working just as much as the next guy and wish I could just do whatever I want all day for free. But I can't. And I want more hands on experience. Blah

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