Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January Update

So I guess I'm still on the one post a month fix. ha. Like always I havn't had much to write about. I've gotten the wheels moving on a few things so hope stuff will change

As far as school goes, its pretty much my last semester before being able to graduate with an associates in Culinary Management. Its been a hell of a journey that technically started in 2001. And it will be a holy shit moment when its over. I originally was going to take the final two classes I needed to also graduate with a degree in Baking and Pastry arts, but I changed my mind. (again). Currently I'm taking the class that I need to take in concordence with my co-op work requirement, then the second half of the semester I'm taking a lab on "Culinary Competitions" and then a lecture on being a Personal/Private Chef. The Personal/Private Chef class is self explanatory. Its a side of the industry that is sometimes over looked. Culinary Competitions is one I went back and forth on. In the grand scheme of things I'm not sure if I feel compelled to enter alot of competitions in the future, BUT in theory it will hopefully help with my speed and organization which in the long run will help. So hope I can get ahead that way.

The work situation has gone back and forth for a while. I ended up not getting the job at JW (The hotel I mentioned last entry). It sucked, I'm over it. blah blah blah. A few weeks ago I actually got a job at a breakfast/lunch place that my family goes to alot. But that fell through too. Not so much due to anything I did or didn't do. Mostly because the owner/kitchen manager wasn't sure if she could give me full time enough of a schedule. She also felt that it would be hard to give me one on one time and that as small as the restaurant was (both size wise and business wise), that I'd be in the way just doing prep. So I amicable quit (she gave me the option to if I wanted). Finally I (hopefully) hit the jackpot by landing an (unpaid) internship at a place called San Chez Bistro.

San Chez is a Spanish Tapas restaurant here in GR that is owned by one of my teachers. I had inquired about the possibility of interning before I got the job at the breakfast/lunch place. Then when it fell through my teacher said if I was still interested to email the Executive Chef. I did, we met, and then I walked out with an internship. That starts next Friday so it should be interesting.

Currently I have kinda crappy hours at The Square. I'm supposed to start getting more hours next week (the week of the 25th). I'm pushing for him to at least give me 24 b/c its the only way I can afford to stay in GR AND work an unpaid internship. So we'll see.

So thats a bit of a brief update on life. Nothing exciting. Hopefully the internship will give me a few interesting things to write about.