Friday, December 11, 2009

The obligatory month update?

Yeah, I rarely post, I suck. ha.

But my life hasn't been exciting lately. Theres only so much I can write about my less than exciting school life other than the fact that I'm essentiall done with all my required classes.

I only have to take one more class for the required 240 hrs Co-Op work experience required by the state of Michigan. Which was part of the reason why I was checking out NYC. Unfortunately THAT fell through due to the cost of living out there (even with living with my relatives it would've been crazy).

On that note I had an interview at what probably is the best place in Grand Rapids to work at. Like most places I worked that I mention in the blog it will stay unnamed. But it's pretty much the only 4 Diamond Hotel group in Grand Rapids. I had my first interview with the HR guy of the hotel group last week. And then tomorrow I have a second interview with the chef of the hotel the job is at. So thats exciting, yet also intimidating.

The more I crash and burn, the more I have a slight fear of failure. On the one hand I like it because it pushes me to work my hardest, yet I'd just like to be able to work and not worry that things are going FUBAR and they'll let me go. Just once I'd like to be able to have someone fully willing to push me to be the best I can.

Luckily its a pretty entry level job. I'd pretty much be one of the cooks who cook for the staff, and then help with banquets when needed. So on the one hand I don't think there'd be near as much pressure on me as if I was working in one of the restaurants, but I'm still going to be learning to cook the same quality stuff. And the HR guy said, that its also one of those things that if we get caught up and cleaned up that its very easy for me to get cross trained. So we'll see how that goes.

On another note: a few blog entries ago I talked about trying to eat/drink healthier. I'm slowly making progress. Trying to give up pop is harder than I thought. I'm kind of trying to take it in steps. First by cutting out Mountain Dew (again) then slowly cutting out the rest of the pop. So we'll see.

Eating wise is kind of harder. I don't have the inclination or need really to find out what's healthy. I spend so much of my life being a picky eater and now that I'm starting to like more foods I tend to eat/cook whatever I like and want. I'm too busy enjoying eating to care. ha. So we'll see.

Hope to have updates on the work situation soon