Thursday, May 14, 2009

Future Goals

Once again I havn't posted in a while. But I think thats okay, I'm trying not to make this a blog posting random stuff about nothing....thats what my myspace blog is for.

One of my younger cousins just graduated from college out in CA and my aunt and uncle went out there. For a while now, my cousin seems to freaking out because she didn't know what see was going to do afterwords, but at the same time hasn't been really looking into anything. I mean, okay, so you've come to the conclusion you're not really into what you just went to college for, but since you spent all that money on it you should probably look into doing SOMETHING. Now I guess she's going to Denver to live with a friend and to learn how to sew. Which on the one hand is totally awesome. Having a hobby like that would be pretty cool. BUT she still has no plan what to do after that.

And here's where the main catalyst for this post happens. My Aunt Sally turned around and asked me what I planned on doing when I graduated. (which could be in December or it could be in May...long story). I replied that I wasn't totally sure, but that I'd hope to have those wheels start spinning soon. Weather I know what I'm going to do or not, I have ideas, and dreams and hopes. And places I would like to go. If anything, its the fact that theres too many chocies for me to make a decision.

As for the things I'd like to accomplish, well its nothing grand. I have no big delusions of granduer or anything. As long as I can succeed in what I'm doing and don't crash and burn I'll be content. With that in mind, who DOESN'T want to get somesort of recognition? I would hope not to fade into obscurity. Who knows.

The big thing for me is the "WHERE." All I know is I want to to get out of Grand Crapids. I mean, its a good town but the options for food industry sucks right now. And I'm SOOO ready for a change of scenery. I've pretty much narrowed it down to one of the smaller big cities in America, or maybe somewhere in another country. See, its too hard to decide. The problem with moving to another country is that it will pretty much mean leaving EVERYONE behind. And I'm not sure if I want to do that. Moving across the country is one thing, but across the ocean, thats another. I wouldn't want to get held back over something as simple as missing friends, but I need some sort of support system where ever I go. Decisions, decisions.

I guess maybe this isn't as simple of a thing as I thought. I guess I've come to the conclusion that if anything, looking into the future is scary. Fascinating