Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh yeah....I'm in school, aren't I?

School is going well. Currently I’m taking two classes. Bakery/Deli Management (aka Art and Bev’s) and Beverage Management.

In B/D Management we pretty much run Art and Bev’s. A and B’s is one of the student run food establishments on campus. The class is supposed to help simulate running an actual café/restaurant. While our teacher makes the main menu, the students are in charge of making everything and down the road will be responsible for proposing and making specials and what not. Week 1 of class was spent setting everything up and getting people assigned to their initial stations. Pretty boring if you ask me. Week 2 (last week) Art and Bev’s actually opened to the student population. And so far its gone pretty good if you ask me. My group is on the wrap/salad station. During service it also serves as the prep station since everything is made before hand. We’re kind of at that point now where since we’ve been open for a couple of days that we don’t have to do that much when it comes to making salads and wraps. But we do stay slightly busy making stuff for the front line. But like I said, the class is pretty interesting. I really appreciate the fact that I have a chance to get used to being in a kitchen environment without being in a straight up restaurant. Also I am REALLY looking forward to eventually getting experience on the grill (albeit a flat top), broiler and fry stations so I can have some familiarity with them when I hopefully get a job.

Beverage Management is also interesting looking. The class starts off with getting us our serve safe certification for Beverage service. If you’re serv safe certified, it apparently means you’re bad ass and know the federal laws and what not concerning the service of alcoholic beverages. The rest of the class is apparently spent on the different types of beer and wine and what foods they go good with. I only have the class two days a week so I really can’t drone on it as much as I could A and B’s

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