Sunday, September 28, 2008

Man vs Himself

So I'm seriously close to the breaking point when it comes to finding a job. I'm just sick of it. I kind of have an unhealthy pattern going on of spending a week being gung ho about it and then a week of being apathetic. And its kind of at that point where I need to be gung ho ALL the time. Also its at the point where I need to make a decision to either go all out finding a morning/early afternoon job or be fuck it, drop out of my night lab (and try to get in a morning class) and then be gung ho about finding a job.

On a bright note, I had a job interview on Thurs. As far as the interview itself, I felt it went good. I conversed with the manager well. I tried to portray my experience level as well as possibile. But as far as wether or not it was well enough to get me a job, we'll see. If I havn't heard by Tuesday I'll give them a call. Wish me luck.

School is going good. Althogh next week is going to be the week from hell for me. I get to work the cashier. My last run as a cashier (when I worked at a comic shop back in 2006) didn't go so well. I got flustered and super nervous which inevitably led to a bout of stuttering. Not looking forward to it. Oh and I have a test tomorrow in Bev Management. And I got overwhelmed by the material so I havn't really studied much (oops)

So we'll see. This time next week I may be singing a different note.

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