Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Updates on Stuff

I suppose I should make a joke about my one post a month streak right now. It seems like the right thing to do considering my trend. I just havnt seemed that compelled to write lately. There used to be a time where I could and would write about anything that came to mind in my Myspace blog (there was a time where I'd literally write one blog a day). So I don't know if my lack of writing is a result of me not having as much on my mind, or what.

On that note, my internship is going pretty well. The staff at San Chez are a great group of people. The managers are nice and per one of the fellow cooks they're probably going to be some of the nicest bosses that I may ever have in the industry. Will that be the case....who knows. For the most part I'm pretty much a prep cook. I just prep basic stuff. While I'm not learning the art of making fantastic Spanish Tapas or anything, its still a great exposure. At the very least when I'm done with my internship I can see myself walking away with a renewed confidence in myself, a hopeful increase in speed and a bunch of wonderful contacts and references in the food industry.

Also I seem to have a girl in my life. Well, kinda. For lack of another explanation I've gone on a few dates with a girl recently. Long story short, I met her through Free Communication Weekend on Eharmony a few weeks ago. Then we chatted some on facebook IM, then we met for coffee (well she drank coffee, I drank black cherry cola), then I went to visit her a work (she works at a book store, what did you expect. ha) and then this past Monday she joined me and my roomate and our friend Laura for pizza. And yeah, so far its going pretty good. At this point I'm just taking it as it come, I'm trying not to have any expectations on where this will lead. Hell, most times I go on a date it doesn't last past date 1, so I think I'm ahead for once. More on this as it develops.