Monday, June 14, 2010

Week 1 at the Club

So for the most part life working at the club is going okay I suppose. My mind/emotions are kind of going crazy from the one-two-three punch of getting used to living in a new place and new people, getting used to a job, and being home sick. At first I kinda sat around being mopey but I've been trying to do things to keep busy.

The second day here my phone broke and that DEFINATELY didn't help things. Those few days figuring things out were hectic and stressful. Luckily things worked out. My mom got my account transfered to her old phone and then transfered the address book from my old phone on to it. And then when/if I get my blackberry fixed I can transfer it back. I tried turning it on the other day and it worked and the buttons seemed to work. But I may just have my parents take it to the Sprint store they go after they visit just to get it checked out.

Work is good. Things are kind of slow right now but thats just because its the beginning of the summer. Sometime late June/Early July things are supposed to really pick up and then things get crazy. And then towards mid-August they get slow again. I work nights with Beth (one of my friends from school who got me the job) and we do salads and cold appetizers. And then we're also responsible prepping any items needed for it. Except for the appetizer and the cold entree, our menu stays the same. (the hot side and then our appetizer and entree changes every day). So with me its just a matter of learning what goes in what salad and then working on going faster.

The people I live with are nice. For the most part everyone hangs out with everyone. I live at the big staff house called Beachview. Named for the fact that the main beach of Harbor Springs is right across the road. Its a big 3 story victorian house. The girls live on the third floor. The guys live on the second and then the first floor and basement are social areas. The downside is that everything in Harbor Springs closes pretty early so all we're doing at this point is hanging out around the house and drinking. Except for this past Wednesday I havn't drank much though. I'm sure once we get paid in 2 weeks we'll venture out more but otherwise we're trying to spend as little money as possible.

Things with Audrey are going well. Or as well as they can go considering we live 2.5-3hrs away from each other. I've been trying to call her at least once every other day. And then I'll text her or we chat on facebook. As you all can guess the first couple of days without a phone were kinda hectic.

So yeah, thats that. Nothing exciting really other than some of the partying. I seem to have a love/hate relationship with that. I mean its fun to socialize but I've also been trying not to drink too much. So yeah. Once we get paid I'm sure we'll do other stuff though