Thursday, July 15, 2010

Looking Forward

So the other day someone pointed out that we passed the halfway point of the summer. The first week I was here, the halfway point seemed like it would take forever to get to and now it seems like no time has passed at all.

It's kind of a bittersweet feeling. Not only is this all going to end soon. My job, my living situation, lving in this nice town, hanging with my co-workers....everything; but it also means I have to start figureing out the post job work situation.

Just leaving here is starting to look like its going to be kind of depressing. People who are keeping score at home know that I have a knack of becoming really attached to the people I work with (well except for at the Square apparently). It no different here, I really am starting to love to death all the people I work with and really enjoy hanging out with them and would love to be able to continue to have a friendship with them.

The thing is that unlike about 90% of the people who work here, coming back to work next summer isn't a totally convinient thing for me. Yeah I could go work at another seasonal club that runs through the fall/winter/spring months that would be done next summer and come back here. But I don't want to have a life of pretty much being a hermit.

On the other hand if I were to go get a permanent (until I quit or get go) job in the food industry I'd doubt they'd be fine with me saying "oh hey, I'm leaving for 3 months to go work a seasonal job"

So in otherwords its looking like after Harbor Springs, I won't be seeing EVERYBODY on a regular basis at the same time for a while. bleh

The next thing bothering me is where the heck do I go to look for a job? I've decided that I really do want to get out of Michigan just to have a taste of the country/world. Don't get me wrong, giving the right job I'd stay in Michigan if needs be, but I really do want to get out.

The thing is that unlike last year at this time when I was asking myself this same question, I now have a girlfriend. I hate bringing this up like this because she does know (and sometimes reads) about this blog and don't want her to think I'm looking at her like a hinderance.

Last year at this time I was talking about (and was semi-serious) about looking at such places as Las Vegas, and Portland, maybe NYC or DC. And then of course Chicago or Clevland.

For a while I really did have a culinary boner (thanks Andrew from Top Chef: Chicago for coining that phrase) for Vegas and Portland, and after visiting Steve in NYC last winter, I've come to the conclusion it doesn't seem so bad. The thing would be being in an even MORE long distance relatonship with my girlfriend.

On the one hand, I don't want to say don't move far away because of the relationship and then in a decade or so look back and say "What if?" I may not be a genious, but I have made plenty of decisions based on what other people thought and/or pressured me to do and then resented the decision in the future. Upon bringing it up I've has many people say "you don't want to move far away" because of the relationship. But at the same time I've always had this urging to move far away and would feel terrible if turned down the possibility to.

On the other hand, I don't want to move far away and have the relationship suffer because of it. I would feel terrible if it did and I don't think it would be fair to either of us.

Or the possibility of a kick ass job in Michigan or Cleveland or Chicago could come up and then I won't have this problem. In which case "screw it!" haha.

So yeah thats my slightly ocd thoughts on the matter. Once again sorry to my girlfriend if she reads this. I don't want it to seem like I'm talking relationship matters "behind your back," its just how I process things somehow.

Bleh. Decisions, Decisions.