Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Beginning of the Rest of my Life

So I totally broke my pattern of posting once a month. But don't worry I'm alive.

Had I not been entirely stressed out by end of the semester assignments/tests, I suppose I could've blogged about the end of my college education. And I'm totally over the "hooray I'm graduated" feeling so I'm not in the mood to write about that. I guess the vibe I have right now is to write about all the changes I have going on and/or want to implement.

Timmy in a Relationship: Part two: So things between me and the girl are going great. We are now in a point where we are officially in a relationship and we're both happy with how things are going. We've been trying to hang out once or twice a week (more if possible) but that has become difficult with my move back in with the parents (I live about a 45 min drive from GR now) and the fact that I'm off of work for the month of May (more on that in a bit). So yeah, we get along great. I feel VERY comfortable talking to her. She puts up with my dorkiness and dumb jokes and my random obessivness (I.E. I know the most random things about the most random subjects) and so I'm happy and she's happy so hooray.

The Work situation: The last day at my internship was Mothers Day. It was a great day to end my internship in that we kicked lots of ass. I got to make almost everything I had learned how to make at my time at San Chez. Also we found a way to implement almost every random act of tomfoolery that had come up while I was there (30 second dance party, the "oohhhhh", The pastry chef (not really) being mean etc etc). I think the only thing that annoyed me was how long I had to stay that day. But it happens. I was happy about my time at San Chez. I don't know who reads this or how long they've read it but lets pretend I have someone who is familiar with my work history. And if you are you've known I havn't had the best experiences in the restaurant industry. But I can safetly say that my time at San Chez had been probably the best and most succesful experience ever. And if an opportunity ever comes to be able to work there and get paid, I'm totally taking it. Who knows what the future brings.

My last day at The Square is this coming Tuesday. I haven't hidden the fact on this blog that I've been sick of the job for a while. Don't get me wrong I LIKE the people I work with and will miss them. I LOVE talking to some of the residents (and have actually had one or two who I got along pretty well with pass away) but other wise I'm totally ready for a change.

The Work situation: Part 2: I can't remember if I mentioned it in this blog before BUT I have a summer job up in Harbor Springs at a private club. I learned about it from my friend Beth who has worked up there the previous 3 summers. Pretty much I'll be the night time pantry cook and will be working with Beth. From what I picked up I'll mostly be doing salads and cold appetizers which I'm fine with. I'm looking real forward to that.

So yeah I suppose those are the major things going on in my life right now. Things are totally looking up for me and I'm happy with how life is. I feel really good about things and am trying my hardest to succeed right now. I'm just taking things easy for the moment until I head off to Harbor Springs. I've been reading alot more. I'm trying to cook for fun and I've been trying to be somewhat healthier so we'll see how that goes